LS Vertical Turbine Pumps.


The 4 different model vertical turbine pumps have one thing in common the hydraulic design of the pump bowl assembly. Using a new techniques in turbine pump design. It covers a wide range of hydraulic conditions to meet virtually every pumping service with optimum efficiency.

Hydroo flexibility of design allows the use of a wide range of material and design features to meet the custom requirements of user. No matter what the requirements, whether low first cost, ease of maintenance, optimum efficiency. Tough service conditions, Hydroo can make the pump to best satisfy the requirements.

- LSC Centrifugal or mixed-flow pump for high pressure

- LSM Mixed-flow pump for high flow and middle pressure

- LSA Axial-flow pump for high flow low pressure

- LSG Pump for fire and marine gear box engine driven

The bowl assembly is the heart of the LS. The impeller and diffuser type casing are designed to deliver the head and capacity that your system requires in themost efficient way possible. The fact that the LS can be multi-staged allows maximum flexibility both in the initial pump selection and in the event that future system modifications require a change in the pump rating. Submerged impellers allow pump to be started without priming.

A variety material options allows the selection of a pump best suited for even the most severe services. The many bowl assembly option available assure that the LS satisfies the user's need for safe, efficient, reliable and maintenance-free operation.


  • Cooling water
  • Seawater and raw water intake
  • Industrial process pumps
  • Utility circulating water
  • Condenser circulating water pumps
  • Ash sluice
  • Fire-fighting
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