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Flensede pumper

N-serie | Flanged/Flensede pumper | Eksenterskruepumper

Flensede pumper | fra Nova Rotors

Suitable for heavy duties services, the most important application of this kind of pump is the waste water treatment and in industry.

They are employed for the tranfer of:

  • Raw, primary, secondary sludges
  • Thickened sludges
  • Sludges before the filter press

The other industrial applications are:

  • Paper industry as starch, glue
  • Chemical industry as caustic soda, resins, colorants, acid solutions.
  • Sugar refinery with their products basis of beet, cane sugar
  • Breeding as animal feed, pasty slurry,biological waste water
  • Building as colourings, cement, mortar, bentonite
  • Ship building industry as waste oil, oily bilge water
  • Ceramic industry as clayey sludges, lime, glaze
  • Fish industry as fish flours, entrails and other cutted fish parts
  • Mining industry
  • Petrochemistry
  • Drilling
  • Agriculture
  • Refinery and many others
  • MAX CAPACITY : 400 m3 /h
  • MAX PRESSURE : 48 bar
  • NPSHr : 3 m
  • SIZES AVAILABLE : from 020-2 to 520-1

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